Engineered Timber


Glue Laminated Timber (GLU - LAM)

Laminated coniferous wood beams bonded together, which had any kind of defects - like big knots, blue stains or splits - removed, resulting in the creation of beams that are highly resistant against strain.

Fields of Application: Roof trusses with small or large spans, kiosks, pergolas etc.

Main Suppliers: Versowood, Martinsons, StoraEnso

Finger-Jointed Timber (KVH)

Small pieces of wood that are jointed together lengthwise, using latest technology machinery, so that large stiff beams can be created.

Fields of Application: Timber-framed houses, door frames, pergolas etc.

Main Suppliers: Martinsons, Versowood, StoraEnso

Effex® (by StoraEnso)

High quality engineered timber, that exclusively comes from pine without any knots at all and with straight grains for flexible use.

Fields of Application: Mainly indoor decoration, either as wall panels or as ceiling.

Main Suppliers: StoraEnso