Whitewood • Redwood (V& U/S) • Impregnated Timber • Larch • Planed Timber • Turned logs • Floor / Cladding (Pine)

Softwood comes from coniferous trees. Pine and Fir are the most common kinds of softwood, which has a structure that makes its processing easy and adaptable.

Fields of Application: The kinds of timber that come from softwood can be seen on timber-framed houses, roofs, pergolas, fences, ceilings, floors, interior and exterior doors, scaffoldings, mouldings etc.

Main Suppliers: Versowood, StoraEnso, Koskisen, Martinsons, Stenvalls


Iroko • Beech • Bahia • Red oak • White oak • Cherry • Ash • Meranti • Poplar

Hardwood comes from broad-leaved trees, which can mainly be found as deciduous in the temperate areas, and as evergreens in the tropical areas. Hardwood is usually more resistant against decay and rot than softwood.

Fields of Application: The kinds of timber that come from hardwood can be seen in furniture manufacturing, interior and exterior decoration, floors and other woodworks, such as kitchen cupboards and bedroom closets, interior and exterior doors, musical instruments etc.

Main Suppliers: Giorgio Marin, Mourikis, Montigere