Outdoor Flooring & Fencing


Composite Decking

American company TimberTech is a leading manufacturer of low-maintenance, high-quality composite decking using its own patented manufacturing process which includes reclaimed wood fibres and pure plastic resins. TimberTech composite decking resists fading, weathering, rotting and warping and it is in fact supported with a 25-year residential warranty.

Fields of Application: With an array of impressive colour options and decking profiles, TimberTech composite decking is an ideal solution which could be easily and quickly installed with unlimited resistance in time, either as exterior flooring (i.e. gardens, porches, pools) or as exterior wall cladding etc.

Main Suppliers: TimberTech

Composite Fencing

TimberTech also provides the equally resistant material for fencing: Fencescape. It has the features of composite decking and it doesn’t need any paint, varnish or other coating, ensuring an attractive structure that will last in time.

Fields of Application: Fencescape can be used exclusively for fencing in various designs (horizontally or vertically) giving an excellent result both in quality and in resistance against time.

Main Suppliers: TimberTech

Natural Decking

Iroko • Bankgirai • Thermowood (Pine)

Natural wood gives a feeling of luxury and warmth, offering a unique harmonic environment. Due to the particular climatic conditions (sun, humidity etc), wood destined for outdoor purposes goes through very strict quality tests during its entire production and processing, so that the best possible wood selection can be achieved (i.e. no knots) and so that the wood alterations can be reduced.

Fields of Application: The types of outdoor wood flooring are usually used in gardens, porches, pool perimeters etc. The way of installation though, is an important factor, since the wood variations in outdoor use are intense and the material’s decay is significant. Our company has the suitable products for coating and treatment, which guarantee high resistance in outdoor climatic conditions.

Main Suppliers: Mourikis, Montigere, StoraEnso

Natural Fencing

Thermowood (Pine) • Swedish Planed Pine Tree

For years now, wood is the basic material used for the construction of fences. The beauty it gives to the environment in combination with the low cost and easy and fast installation, make this material fairly attractive.

Fields of Application: This specific wood can be used in various designs (horizontally or vertically), but the end-user must consider the wood variations and the relative decay. Our company provides the appropriate products for coating and treatment, which guarantee high resistance against weather conditions.

Main Suppliers: StoraEnso, Stenvalls