Frequently Asked Questions




Q.: I need some extra information about a certain material, i.e. technical specifications. How can I get it?
A.: You can send us an email or fax or call us, asking about any kind of information you would like to have regarding any of our company’s products. You will get the information by email or fax.


Q.: Why does the G. Klangides & T. Kyriakides Ltd website not provide a list with the prices of the products/services it offers?
A.: Due to the large variety of products we offer, and also the specific processing the customer might request for the timber provided, but also due to the valid prices depending on the quantity and way of payment, our company’s policy is to inform each customer personally on the prices we can offer.


Q.: Can your products be delivered anywhere in the hinterland?
A.: We can offer delivery to any part of the island. If we think it’s necessary – due to the distance – to impose extra delivery charges, we will inform the customer in advance. Beyond this, the Trading Terms and Conditions of our company are to be applied.


Q.: Is it possible for you to process the timber under our own specifications?
A.: Of course it is. If the processing is feasible, please let us know of the exact result you would like to have and we, with help from our collaborators, will provide your timber in its final shape.


Q.: What kiln-dried timber means?
A.: Timber dries in special kilns and goes through saturated hot steam under specific pressure and for a specific amount of time, so that it can finally contain a certain amount of moisture. This way, the chromatic anomalies of the wood are smoothened out, while the wood is sterilized from fungi and insects, it dries faster and the abilities of its processing are improved.


Q.: What does illegal logging mean?
A.: Illegal logging means the harvest of wood in violation of the legislative and regulatory provisions of the country where it was harvested. Illegal logging is an international issue with severe negative financial, environmental and social repercussions.



Q.: Do you undertake installations or constructions?
A.: We do not have a specialized staff of our own, but we do have a network of excellent collaborators that we can introduce to you for the completion of any construction.


Q.: Can you provide us with information on how to install a product on our own?
A.: Of course. With our years of expertise, we can guide the customer to construct or install the product he or she is interested in. The presentation of architectural or other plans would help us form a better idea on the construction so that we can provide more accurate information.


Q.: I am a constructor/installer. Is there a chance of cooperation for the installation of products by your company?
A.: Every constructor/installer is welcome to approach us for a future cooperation. We follow a procedure to ensure the abilities of the prospective collaborator and if we are satisfied, then our cooperation can continue.



Q.: I am an existing collaborator and I have changed my address and phone number. Who should I inform?
A.: Please inform the accounts department of our company as soon as possible, so that we can make the necessary changes to your account profile.


Q.: I need an account statement for audit reasons. How can I get it?
A.: You can send us an email, fax or telephone us for the time period of your account statement and we will send it via email or fax. The above can be done after a claim by the owner or via proxy (i.e. accountant).


Q.: I would like to pay online. How can I get the necessary information for the money transfer?
A.: Contact us and we will send all the necessary information, including our company’s account name, the bank that hosts the account, the IBAN and sort code.


Q.: Do you accept debit/credit card payments?A.: We accept debit/credit card payments for the procedure of invoice payment, under the terms of JCC Payment Systems Ltd. During this procedure you might be asked to give some extra information so that the identity of the card owner can be ensured