Based on our company’s know-how, the customer could seek advice in order to achieve a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for any kind of timber construction. Our staff is eager to offer assistance either by phone or at face to face meetings. It’s always preferable to provide us with architectural drawings or drafts in order to better realize the customer’s requirements.

Technical specifications and mechanical properties of our company’s products could be notified either by fax or email.


Other Services

Our collaborators’ network includes a large number of carpenters, timber-frame house constructors, roof truss and pergola manufacturers, deck installers e.t.c. According to our customer’s needs, we could introduce a number of our collaborators who have the capability to accomplish desirable, high-quality structures.

Also, our company, through its trading network, could supply timber products according to customer’s exact specifications (i.e. cut, planed timber) and thus offering ready-to –use products.