Building Materials & Wood Finishes


Complementary Materials

Screws • Roof Shingles • Bituminous Membrane • Tiles • Honeycomb Stripes • Wood preservative

For better customer service and in our attempt to offer the most integral solutions, we maintain stock of the above materials, which can be used in different stages of the respective structures. 

Fields of Application:

  • Screws: outdoor flooring, fencing, pergolas.
  • Shingles: pergolas, roofs
  • Bituminous Membrane: pergolas, roofs, walls
  • Tiles: pergolas, roofs
  • Honeycomb Stripes: doors
  • Wood preservative: any kind of timber

Main Suppliers: TimberTech, Yamaton

Wood Finishes & Treatments

Our company, in cooperation with the German company Saicos Colour GmbH, offers a large variety of excellent, environmentally friendly products for both interior and exterior use on wood, aiming in the protection, cleanliness, and final beauty of wood products.

Fields of Application: Saicos’ different products can be used on indoor and outdoor wood floors, fencing, pergolas, furniture and also as maintenance materials.

Main Suppliers: Saicos Colour GmbH