Brief Description: Particleboard is a complex wood product, easy to process, made by wood chips, sawdust and any other surplus from processing wood that, in combination with a resinous binding material and under high pressure, can be converted to boards of various dimensions.

Fields of Application: The excellent relation between cost and effective applications, in combination with the further process that the particleboard may come across, like melamine or wood veneer coating, make this material ideal for closets, desks, bookshelves, kitchens, tables, etc.

Raw chipboard

Water resistant chipboard

Melamine faced chipboard

Wood Veneer faced chipboard

Plywood (Plake contraption)

Brief Description: Plywood is a kind of artificial timber product, made of thin layers of wood (plies), which are bonded together crosswise, so that the contraction and expansion are reduced, the resistance of the material at both directions is balanced and cracks and splits during nailing are avoided.

Fields of Application: The glue that is used during the welding determines the use of the plywood (MR glue – indoor use/ WBR or MUF glue – outdoor use). The indoor plywood is mainly used in furniture manufacture, while the outdoor plywood is used in construction and various outdoor structures.


Marine Plywood (Okoume)

General use Plywood (Birch/Poplar/Bintangor)

Film-faced Plywood (Shuttering)


Brief Description: Fibreboard consists of wood fibres that come from soft or hard wood trunks, logging and mill residues etc. These fibres go through special purification and after being dried, they are mixed with adhesives and chemical additives and then are pressed in extremely high temperatures. It is a more resistant material than particleboard and has better density.

Fields of Application: The further processing that the fibreboard can come across, like melamine or wood veneer coating and also the ability of the material to take carving and all types of glue, wood lacquer and varnish, make it ideal for furniture frames, kitchen and bedroom cupboards, internal doors, shelves, frames etc. Hardboard and Softboard are usually useful tools for simple woodworks, like cabinet back panels or drawer bottoms for the former and notice boards or floor bottoming for the latter.


Melamine faced MDF

Wood Veneer faced MDF



HPL (High Pressure Laminate)

Brief Description: HPL is made of many layers of paper that are glued together with phenolic resin in one sheet. The first paper layer is decorative and under it are the other paper layers, soaked in resin, that constitute the core of HPL. The resistance of its surface is enforced by the use of special cellulose coatings during its production, which strengthen it and make it ideal for applications of special use and stress.

Fields of Application:

Interior use – The material’s high resistance against abrasion, stains, hot water and its non-absorbance of dust, make HPL ideal for kitchen cupboards, workbenches, bedroom closets, desks, bookshelves etc.

Exterior use – The capabilities of the material offer resistance against UV rays, time and exhaust gases and therefore ensure the uniformity of the decorative colour and its resistance against the weather, resulting in its use as exterior cladding, exterior doors etc.

Finger-Jointed solid wood panels

Brief Description: It is a high standard product which combines the result of finger-jointed technique – after the wood has been thoroughly selected – and their further welding using high quality glue (formaldehyde), finally resulting in the creation of wood panels with high resistance to stress.

Fields of Application: The uniform flow of the wood fibres and the stability of the material make it ideal for the construction of wooden stairs, workbenches, furniture etc.



White oak




Brief Description: OSB panel is created by crossed layers of thin wood strips that are pressed and welded together using synthetic resin adhesive and an amount of special waxes. The main advantage of this product is that it combines excellent mechanical properties, easy processing and competitive price, which allows it to be used in multiple ways.

Fields of Application: OSB is used in wall and roof coating, flooring, exhibition structures, decoration etc. OSB 3 is indicated for use in high humidity environments.

Three-ply (3-PLY)

Brief Description: Mechanically selected fir wood pieces, which are welded together in three layers of wood, glued with their grains going in opposite directions, offering maximum protection against warping and material loss.

Fields of Application: The excellent abilities of this material offer multiple use options both interior and exterior, such as workbenches, doors, masonry, floors, ceilings etc.

Wood Veneered Blockboards

Brief Description: The core Blockboards includes small sized wood pieces (laths), usually made of fir, which are glued together and pressed like a sandwich (front-back) with wood veneer.

Fields of Application: Wood veneered blockboards are usually used for interior woodworks such as door construction, tables, shelves etc.