Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

In recent years there has been an increase of interest in the environmental conscience worldwide. Man now re-evaluates his way of life, gets informed about environmental issues and tries to follow environmentally friendly practices, hoping to secure the viability of the planet.

In regards to timber, sustainable forestry and the use of renewable materials play an important role in achieving the above-mentioned goal.

Initially, the rapid technology development assists the imperative need to use renewable materials and thus, today, most of the wood by-products, such as composite deck, chipboard, OSB, MDF, Pellets etc, are made of materials that in other times and under different circumstances would be thrown away in landfills.

The development of a sustainable forest management is of equal importance though. The basic principle of sustainable forestry states that the amount of products and services that are produced by a forest must reach the point where the forest is able to produce that quantity without degrading the soil, the special features of watershed or the seed source for the future.   

Based on all the above, it is easy to conclude that timber itself but also the flexibility of its usage makes wood the building material of the future. Besides, timber itself is a renewable material( Timber & Forestry Data) and it is also the most environmentally responsible building material.


G. Klangides & T. Kyriakides Ltd recognises its responsibility towards the environment concerns and for that reason we obtained certification of the international standard ISO 14001:2015, which specifies the requirements for the Environmental Management System. In addition, our company has achieved the FSC® Chain of Custody certification thus ensuring a system of timber and timber products traceability which secures that certified products come from a sustainable source that maintains the natural environment.

We abide that the supply of our wood products comes from legal sources and that we regularly receive the relevant information regarding environmental practices and the official certificates from our suppliers. We also completely update the necessary records for phytosanitary purposes, in accordance with the government laws and regulations and we simultaneously maintain a due diligence system according to European’s Union Timber Regulation 995/2010 (EUTR).

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Useful links

Useful Links

Useful Links Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry www.ccci.org.cy Department of Forests (Republic of Cyprus) www.moa.gov.cy/forest European Commission for the Environment https://ec.europa.eu/environment/forests BM CERT (Greece-Cyprus) bmcert.org BM TRADA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Products/Services Q: I need additional information about a specific material e.g. technical specifications. How can I get it? A.: Can you give us specific technical specifications for a particular product?

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Forestry timber data

Forest wood data

Wood & Forest Data Wood as a material Wood is a natural, renewable and inexhaustible raw material It provides a feeling of warmth to the touch and sight It is

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